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Shrimp & Steak Parmesan, dished

Is it that time, already? Goodness. As is the usual, I’ve found myself quite the quiet corner and I’m relaxing. I’ve just finished washing and drying all of the dishes (there were quite a few, goodness Me) but it was well worth it. Dinner was absolutely phenomenal. As was voted for, I made the steak and shrimp parmesean. But before I really launch into the story, perhaps *You* ought to get comfortable, hm? Kick back with a drink of choice because as like last week, I have quite the story to tell…

In case your at all curious, I started the day at 4:30 this morning after going to bed at a little after 1. I awoke refreshed, and simply could not fall back asleep. Don’t worry too much, about it. I was able to watch the sunrise… again, and then get ready and actually do my hair. That aside, I was ready earlier than need be and by doing so, I was able to relax in bed with beautifully soft hair. Oh wait, this blog is about food, haha. So when I finally left this morning, I ran to the grocery and I’ll tell ya, I’ve never been more lost in my life. I don’t normally get my groceries at Shoprite, though, that’s probably why. It took my boy and I around a half hour of wandering around to finally get everything we needed: 2 lbs of shrimp, 4 lbs of beef, cream cheese, half and half, and parmesean cheese. A secret: Parmesan cheese should not be 17 dollars for a block of it that I’m going to grate for a sauce, anyways. So I improvised and snatched a fresh grated container for 5. Paying through the boobs? I think yes. Worth it? Also yes.

After spending money on the best of foods, the boy and I made our way home and I set about eating the breakfast we picked up along the way (even chef’s need a break from cooking once in a while, I think) before we had to go pick his brother up. After picking his brother up (full of coffee and breakfast sandwiches), I set to work tossing the steaks in marinade and thawing out the shrimp.

I was definitely out of my league when I set to seasoning the steaks, though I had some great ideas. I figured that due to it being the four of us, I could just cut the steaks in half and individually marinade the halves. When I realised we were fresh out of big enough bags to do that (they were big steaks), I slightly altered the idea and cut the steaks in thirds after rubbing them down with a rub called “char grilled.” It wasn’t until I was going to bag them, that I paused, washed my hands, and decided to consult a friend on his opinion of using soy sauce. Soy sauce is similar to what my mother uses when she marinades the steaks at our place, but I was still on the fence, regardless. So, after some serious thinking, and getting another opinion, I poured a good amount into three of the sandwich bags gingerly placing the rubbed down meat in after.

Confession: I think the steaks came out so kick butt because I let them sit for five hours in the fridge, marinading.

Eye level picture of the dish

While I was cooking, Murphy, my dear friend, decided to come sit on my shoulder. Of course things started to go wrong. I moved away from the shrimp long enough to turn the steaks and the pot boiled over; the water pooled on the stove and it reeked like shrimp until I got it cleaned off and set the sauce to cooking. Surprisingly, the shrimp was the only thing that went wrong, even then, it didn’t affect too much. The steaks turned out great, they finished cooking before everything else so I put them on a platter and placed it in the oven so they’d stay warm. The shrimp, surprisingly, was done after it decided to boil over. I placed it on the back burner and turned my attention to the recipe for the sauce. Putting a saucepan on the stove top and turning the burner on low, I set about chopping onions for the sauce. Unfortunately the garlic I had at my disposal was ancient. A reasonable solution and quick thinking on my part, though I hate powders when I can use the real thing, was garlic powder. The garlic powder worked reasonably well and wasn’t overpowering or salty.

The dish was really kick butt and I had a lot of fun serving it.

Now I suppose I owe you the recipe.

I found the recipe when I was looking around for steak and shrimp recipes. It was a request to cook something besides rice, beans, and chicken. So I was definitely game and more than thrilled to do some looking around. The recipe (which I’ll make amends to as I did do things differently than directed)

The original recipe is from: http://www.foodbuzz.com/recipes/906390-steak-with-shrimp-and-creamy-parmesan

Steak with Shrimp and Creamy Parmesan, My way

The original recipe was cool and all, but I’ve got a few changes that I found to be better, especially if you’re making this on a hot summer day. You really don’t want to be heating up the house with the oven when you really don’t have to.

Whatcha need:

The Meat:

Defrosting the Shrimp

2 two pound steaks of your choice (I’m fond of London Broil as it’s boneless & hardly fatty)

(For shrimp lovers) 2 pounds of shrimp, de-veined and de-tailed, preferably.

2-3 Tb s of your preference steak seasoning*

1 packet of your preference shrimp seasoning**

The Parmesan:

2 cups of half and half

4 cloves of minced garlic***

1 cup of minced onion

1 (8oz) container of cream cheese, your preference (I like Philadelphia cream cheese best)

2 cups of fresh grated Parmesan cheese****

4 Tbs butter

1 pound of thin linguine

Getting it Done:

  1. If you have the time, rub down the steaks with your seasoning of choice and leave it to marinade in the fridge for 3-4 hours. If not rub em down and toss em on the grill once it’s been preheated. (If you have someone who doesn’t care for marinade or seasoning on their steak, you can cut the steaks up in half or thirds and before you season them set that hunk aside. Be sure if you do this to keep that piece separate on the grill, also)

    The cooked steak, delicious.


  2. Either you can boil the shrimp or saute it. However you choose, make sure when it’s done, set it in a bowl and keep it warm
  3. While the meat cooks (and do be tentative to keep an eye on the clock, the steaks should be flipped every 5 minutes for 15 minutes and they’ll be well done), prep the parmesan sauce by cutting up the garlic and onion.*****
  4. Place a medium sauce pan on the stove and turn it on medium high. After a few minutes, add a dash of vegetable oil to the pan and place the garlic and onion in.
  5. Let the garlic and onion saute for 1 minute on medium high before adding the butter, cream cheese, half and half, and parmesan cheese. Stir until well blended and reduce the heat, letting it simmer while the pasta cooks
  6. While the sauce simmers, or even before that, you want to put a 6-8 quart pan of water on the stove and let it heat up. When the water reaches a rolling boil, add the linguine and cook it until your desired tasting. Could be anywhere from 8-15 minutes.
  7. Strain the pasta, tossing it with olive oil to keep it moist.
  8. Assemble the dish as such: place a small bed of linguine on a plate, placing the desired steak piece on top of it, followed by shrimp and then ladle the sauce over it, making sure to cover it enough, but not too much as “less is more” with this particular sauce.
  9. Enjoy!

Next week, I’ll be making homestyle chicken with fireman’s mac and cheese. Until then, stay hungry, Mates!

Xx Steffica

*In addition, or instead of your rub of choice, soy sauce kicks serious butt as a marinade.

**I’m not picky about seasonings, I tossed the shrimp with garlic and butter. It doesn’t make too much a difference, anyways as the sauce will be covering it

*** If you don’t have cloves of garlic lying around, or don’t want to stink up your hands (though it’s an absolutely pleasant smell, I think, you can use 3-5 Tbs of garlic powder and believe it or not, it works just as well and is less work… for those of you who are busy.

**** Dunno bout you guys, but I’m not going to willingly spend 17-19 dollars on cheese. The next best thing that’s still above the Kraft stuff is the container that has an Italian brand name on the label and looks like it’s not resealable. You can get a container of it for 5 dollars and call it a day

***** Like all things, you can usually prep most foods ahead of time, ie chopping your vegetables and freezing them before they’re needed. It’ll cut down on time needed to prep later on.