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While writing my last post, I got the idea to list off a bunch of foods that I want to try making, try eating, and otherwise consuming this fall/winter. It sounds silly, especially because some of the foods may be “out of season,” but it will give me ideas for the following weeks to come. Especially if I can aim to write an “experiment” post once, or twice a week. It should work out, considering that I lack ideas to try. Between a Harry Potter related cook book, to AllRecipes.com sending me links to their “daily recipe” this list should be far from short. 

Foods that I’m Making A Point To Try, Soon.

  1. Sushi. I hear different things from different people about this admission concerning my want to try sushi. It appears to run in my family where either you love it or hate it. I have several Uncles that enjoy it. Especially, the one uncle who can eat 95 pieces of it in two hours!

  2. Veal. My dad may not much like my boyfriend (and vice versa), but they can both agree that veal is something absolutely delicious. Until now, I’ve never been curious to try it, merely because of the stories I’ve heard about how veal is made and honestly, I don’t much care to be eating tender baby cow when I can have a hamburger. But anyways, figuring that I call myself a foodie, it’s now on my list of foods to eat.

  3. Salmon (again). When I was in Indiana, I had salmon all of two, maybe three times and got violently sick off of it the third time. That night, I talked to a few of my friends about it, both of whom love salmon (weirdos) and figure I probably just ate a bad batch. Here I am, a few years later and I’m thinking that, okay maybe they’re right. So, I’ll give Salmon another go. If I get sick again though, well, it’s one less food that I can lay claim to liking.

  4. Bambi burgers.” So, I’ve got family that lives in Ohio. Bless them, and they go hunting and fishing (and are otherwise really outdoors-y).In all of my visits out to visit, I honestly do not think I’ve ever had a venison burger, ever. I’ve had venison jerky with breakfast (which is -really- good), but never a vension burger.

  5. Rabbit/ Bunny. My former French teacher has a bunny and the irony of it, is I guess when she was visiting family, someone offered her a platter of something and refused to tell her what it was. She ate it, admitted it was good, only to find out that she’d just eaten bunny. That’s nowhere near fun, but I guess if I’m going to be eating bunny of sorts, I don’t want to know I’m eating it, especially since I want a bunny when I’m older.

  6. Duck. My aunt-to-be and Boyfriend’s mother have both said duck is really good. Going off of their word, I’ll try it at my aunt-to-be’s wedding in a few months. Hopefully it’s as good as they say it is.

  7. Steak and Kidney Pie. This would be a Potter favourite if I’ve ever seen one. It -sounds- okay (notice I don’t say -good-), and I’ve always been curious.

  8. Philly Cheese Steak. In all honesty, I’ve never had a philly cheese steak sandwich before. I could have gotten one when I had my layover in Philly a few years ago, but I opted with pizza and coffee instead. Funny story, actually, the coffee was god awful, but the pizza was really good. Did I mention it was a little bit after 7 am?

  9. Thai Food” It’s very general, I know. But I’m not exactly sure what it is that I’d want to try. My grandfather has this one soup he wants me to try and I want to try curry, so I guess that counts for something?

  10. Soy-Anything. Not to be disrespectful to vegetarians at all, but ugh. A friend of mine drinks soy milk and swears by it; I say ew. I have vegetarian friends who swear by tofurky for thanksgiving. A good friend of mine, her brother won’t eat meat so they put soy in spaghetti sauce and act like it’s the real thing. To both of the last two, I say ew, again. I’ve honestly only ever enjoyed tofu in one thing: spicy chicken and beef served over white rice. I didn’t even know it was tofu until my mother told me that was what the weird chunks were. So, whereas I could very easily continue on to ask how vegetarians can’t eat turkey but want “tofurky” at thanksgiving, but again, I won’t.

13 Dishes I’m Making A Point To Give A Go (Because -I’m- Making Them)

(Yes, there will be a blog post for each and every one when I try them)

  1. Bangers & Mash. If you’ve not heard of it, bangers are the old school British term for sausages. Apparently they were named as such because every time you boiled em, a “bang” occurred, much like canon fire. The Mash part of it is mashed potatoes. When I go to make this recipe, I will be using the recipe from my Harry Potter cookbook.

  2. Grilled Chicken and Potatoes Vesuvius. The grilled chicken is simple enough that it will accent the potatoes, in my opinion. If you didn’t know, potatoes Vesuvius is a a potato volcano and rather, descriptive. If you’re a fancy pants like I am, you can use a frosting bag and get “decorative” with the left over potatoes.

  3. Soupe A L’ongion et Bouef Au Vin. Or, as we Americans call it, French onion soup and beef with wine sauce. To find this recipe I had to go to a French version of allrecipes.com and dust my French off. Before you get confused, it’s two dishes, the beef (which will be served with thick cut, home made french fries) is the main dish and the soup is the appetizer/side dish.

  4. Beef Enchiladas and Spanish Rice. Back when my blog was still new and I was looking for things to cook, I wanted to make Chicken enchiladas, yet never did. Now, some time later, I’m looking to make the beefy version instead of chicken for a change of ingredients.

  5. Pad Se Ew. I love saying the name of this. It’s a Thai recipe that I got when I was perusing foods to cook in the last few months. It consists of chicken, rice noodles, broccoli and eggs all tossed together in soy sauce. At first I was skeptic, but after looking it over, it does look really good.

  6. Chicken Parmesean and Angel Hair Pasta. I’ve made steak and shrimp parmesean before and it came out really well (reference “My Turn At The Grill) so now I’m hoping to duplicate it with my favourite cooking ingredient: Chicken. I’ll probably serve this with a tossed salad on the side.

  7. Sesame Chicken, Eggrolls and Chicken-fried Rice. I’m sure somewhere down the line I’m going to have a craving to try my hand at “Chinese” food. My best mate suggested I make Sesame chicken a while back so I really ought to hold true to my word and make it. The eggrolls spring to mind because of the “egg roll party” that my family does every year as tradition. And the rice? You can’t have good “Chinese” food without rice.

  8. Beef Pot Pie. I’ve made Shepard’s pie before, loads of time. But I’m definitely digging the idea of a big pie filled with the meat, potatoes, carrots, and gravy. It could be because of the cooler weather, or that I want a change in pie style, who knows.

  9. Chicken Stir Fry. Upon browsing around and looking for foods to try, I asked a friend of mine what her favourite food was. She said spaghetti and asked why. I told her about this and then she proceeded to throw ideas out. Chicken stir fry sounds really good. Shoot, any kind of stir fry with big green peppers and onions over a pile of rice sounds absolutely delicious. Due to the availability of the ingredients and the easiness of making a stir fry, I’ll probably make this dish first.

  10. Simple Thai Tofu. I can’t take the credit for this recipe at all, or the idea to even think about using this recipe. It came from my want to make a vegetarian dish. After browsing through 3 pages of boring, uninteresting looking dishes, the word “Thai” caught my eye and I decided what better way to get over my prejudice of tofu than to cook it up myself? So I’m sure this will be interesting in and of itself.

  11. Beef Marsala. Instead of using Chicken for this dish, I’m going to use beef. I’m hoping I can take out the mushrooms and replace them with something else because truth be told, even though I am Italian (and French, English & Native American), I cannot stand mushrooms, at all. They’re gross even if they do take on the taste of whatever you cook them with. It’s a texture thing.

  12. Poulet A La Grecque (← That’s French. It’s “Greek Chicken”) It’s a Greek recipe that was given to the original author by a French woman. Not only did the French name catch my eye, but so did the list of ingredients. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it calling for feta, but I have a feeling I can pair this with toasted bread and a feta spread to satiate that craving.

  13. Italian Chicken and Sausage Risotto. While looking through risoto recipes, I found an “easy” recipe (where it calls for Campbell’s soup) and decided “Eh, I can do better than that.” So, I started searching more and then discovered, ohai! I want Chicken and Sausage risotto. I’ve had it once, when I was at work, and it was absolutely divine. So, being inspired, I wish to make it myself, now.

That said, I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow with Mum and we’re hoping to make the risotto this week since I”m no longer working. Feel free to email me recipes at mailto:TheMakingOfAChef@Gmail.com so I can give them a go and write about them! Until then…

Stay Hungry, Mates!