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You know those box mixes for foods. Like the hamburger helper, or cheese burger helper, or lasagna bake, etc? I find it unfortunate that I just put myself through eating a cheese burger helper one because I quite honestly wasn’t feeling a doughnut. Ugh. In comparison to last night’s dinner (a beautiful fettuccine and broccoli alfredo, made from scratch with fresh broccoli and home made sauce), this was rather, unsatisfactory. I know, myself, that I can cook better, I have on many occasions. 

  1. I can make beef stew from scratch and I have. The day I made it, I let it sit in a pan on the stove for about 7 hours before I even thought about serving it. Even then, I still believed that I could have let it sit for the extra hour, but regardless, it was delicious.
  2. I make burritos like a boss. They’re not exactly the healthiest, but they are still one of my favourite foods to make due to variety. Some people like their burrito loaded with steak, peppers, onions, quacamole, rice, etc. (that’s my burrito right there). While others, more, ah, picky people enjoy theirs with good old ground chuck, cheese, and rice served with warmed tortilla chips on the side (my boyfriend).
  3. I make a mean alfredo. Over Easter this past year, I had to work and thus missed out on Easter dinner. In lieu, I instead indulged with coworkers on chicken alfredo. At the time, I was still learning how to make it. The sauce starts out as a roux (flour and butter) and you keep adding cream and cheese until it thickens, right? Well, that’s what I thought anyways. The sauce at that time was okay, my mom compared it to Giovanni’s restaurant’s Alfredo. It was great and all, until I went to heat it up the next day. My sauce had separated because it didn’t have the egg yolk binding it together. It was honestly, in my opinion, gross, but my friends enjoyed it nonetheless. Months passed and I hadn’t made much alfredo, instead I began working with other dishes and then, recently in Oct., I found myself at a wedding. One of the groom’s men is a huge foodie and chef like myself and my Uncle, the groom, introduced us. We ended up talking for a while and I discussed that mishap with him. He smiled and said “Egg yolks. You need egg yolks to bind it together.”
  4. Though it wasn’t my best, I make some pretty good Thai food. There’s a quote I’m rather fond of, “ a recipe is only a theme that a cook can play each time with a variation.” (Mme Benoit), and from said quote I’ve accepted there are many ways to create a dish. Well, I made this Thai food and the person who wrote the recipe, and pardon me for being so straight forward, was bonkers. The proportions of pasta, to sauce was skewed. As was the pasta to anything else in particular, ratio. Not to be rude, but it was true. Nor did the recipe tell me that I needed to soak my rice noodles first and then add a cup of water to the end product so they would actually be edible. But, now I know that.

See? So to have to use a box dinner, obviously, I wasn’t impressed with myself. But even cooks have to make do with crappy dinners sometimes, I guess.