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If I indeed, heat up another cut of ham (as I did Monday and Tuesday morning) left over from Christmas, I may just have to gavomit. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve put ham on left over biscuits and put them in the toaster for a unique, delicious taste. I’ve heated up a plate of Ham, green bean casserole (yum), yams, and potatoes for lunch. It was well rounded and also, very delicious. I’ve also just heated up a slab of ham and had it that way, delicious by itself. But now, I honestly feel, if I just pop it in the microwave one more time, even if it’s surrounded by green bean casserole and fluffy white potatoes, I don’t know what I’ll do. I want to try something different. Maybe put ham in a cheesy sauce and serve over pasta. I figure, why not? I love pasta, I love ham, easy. Or perhaps an omelet. I can use the ham like I would a ham steak and dice it up, throw some peppers and onions in with it and then add the eggs. Of course, none of these ideas came to me while I sat in front of my cupboard musing over the ways that I could use the rest of the ham. Instead, I ended up throwing a slice of pizza in the toaster oven to satiate the hunger.