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There’s nothing like New Year’s dinner with the family

Clockwise: Mashed potatoes, rotisserie style pork, green bean casserole and “crock pot” pork roast with a little bit of kraut because I was feeling adventurous.

As always Mum’s mashed potatoes pull through and are perfect. Light, airy, fluffy, you needn’t worry about being able to build a mountain or castle with these bad boys. I always take mine without gravy, but with a pinch of salt and pepper, to taste. My father’s pork roast, the one from the rotisserie, tasted great. It was perfectly cooked, however (and don’t tell my mother this) it was under seasoned I think and could have used a hint of something. What exactly it was missing, I’m not quite sure. The green bean casserole, as usual, illicted no bad judgement from me. Except perhaps, she should have made more. I can eat it by the bowl, if she’d let me. And finally, the pork roast with kraut. My mother braised the roast in beer all day letting it seep with the kraut, both tasted good. The pork, as expected had a kraut-y taste to it, and the kraut had a slightly bitter taste (but as it’s my first time actually eating it without holding my nose, I think that’s how it’s supposed to taste, yes?).