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My cooking versus my Boyfriend’s dad’s.

I make classic, creamy Italian sausage Risotto. The risotto takes forever to prep, and then forever to cook (I let it cook for an hour before letting it sit another 5 minutes dished with the Pecorino Romano cheese grated atop.

My boyfriend’s father? He’s no professional chef, but His cooking, I’ll admit, is loads better than mine. Monday night he made this delicious steak, it was super thin, but topped with peppers and onions, seasoned to perfection. Next to it on the plate lay a pile of garlic, fluffy mashed potatoes AND a heaping scoop of yellow rice and beans. Tonight, he made fresh beef patties (I wish I could make the pastry, then I’d be cooking pies, patties, pasties etc) and served them with doritoes. It was delicious and simple.

Point is, our cooking is worlds apart. I still have a lot of learning to do, a lot of experimenting with more diverse foods to try, a lot of stepping out of my comfort zone before I can even dare say I’m a chef. Even then- I’ll still have lots to learn, because as a chef, there’s no such thing as perfect, you keep striving and growing, refining yourself.