I have a pot of risotto on the stove cooking (I find it cooks best undisturbed, on low for an hour), and while doing so, I was raiding the fridge for the pecorino cheese that I would add at the last moment right before I dish it. While doing so, I spotted a block of fresh mozzarella cheese, a quart of fresh whipping cream and BAM. Idea. 

I forget what it was I was watching with Josh, but the it was some show and I watched the chef in a kitchen place squares of mozzarella cheese on the dough before adding the sauce. Then, he added the sauce followed by pecorino-romano cheese and then olive oil. 

My idea is a twist on that. Instead of a red tomato-y sauce, I’d bide for a cream based white sauce with shredded chicken and pecorino. I think it might be… too cheesy. But nonetheless the idea came to me and I am in need of using the cream/mozzarella before they go bad. It’s a bit of a spin on the chicken alfredo pizza I made back a few months ago (which came out absolutely delicious, hunks of chicken aside).