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Last night, I was in the grocery store, absolutely ravenous, mind you. 

So I was looking at the butcher’s counter, what type of meat do I want? I perused the counter, thinking, thinking, hm.

Alas, I realised I wanted to make sausage peppers and onions. 


I looked at Steaks, decided that as much I would love to make a stew of sorts, I’d pass. There were other bits of beef as well, before I finally picked up a package of cube steaks. I hadn’t had cube steaks in a while, so it would be something to have for work/my day off (that way I’m not ordering Chinese food next week). 


I passed the pork and such. Pork… lean tenderloins… boneless tenderloins… bone in tenderloins… pork butt… shoulder… whatever, I don’t need any of that. 

Oh yes I did. 

After hitting the grocery so I could have lunch for today, Josh and I were out to dinner. We were perusing the menu and it hit me. What the heck, I could have gotten the pork I needed for pork chops and pulled pork sandwiches. 

How foolish of me!

I guess it’ll have to wait until my next pay check and I’m making something else. I am feeling pasta, none of which happens to be in the house… 😉