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Cube steaks. There are 2 cube steaks sitting in my fridge, fresh from the deli (as of Friday evening) that I don’t know what to do with, thus they are just sitting there, for now at any rate.

There’s also a second package of hot Italian sausage sitting in the fridge. To be quite frank with the lot of you, I’m over my sausage peppers and onions fix, much like I’m over risotto (eat it enough and eventually you can’t even look at the stuff), yet I still have another package.

However, for lunch tomorrow, I’m going to be taking smokehouse or linguine. Mondays are always a linguine type of day. Smokehouse, or as some of you know it, spaghetti pie with bacon (delicious) is utterly delicious. It derives it’s name from a fireman, actually. My uncle is a fireman and he introduced the recipe to my mother, or so the story goes. Regardless of the story, ever since Mum made it for dad, he’s loved it and from time to time will ask for it. When Mum made it for Christmas either last year or the year before, my uncle (who believes Bacon makes everything 10x better) loved it too. Needless to say, it’s a popular dish. 

But for now, hopefully I can find a use for that sausage… without it involving risotto or peppers. The same feeling goes towards the cube steak, though it has been a while since I’ve made or had it, I would like something different. Maybe country-esque.