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I definitely have (later) today figured out. Remember that vile dip/skillet I made mention of hating to make? In lieu of having not the time nor patience to make those huge sandwiches I wanted to (because goodness, they’re also incredibly unhealthy and I wouldn’t even dream of trying to sit on the couch and eat one without it spilling in my lap), I’ve decided to make that dip again and maybe pick up a pizza before heading to Josh’s place. I figure it makes for a good peace treaty (as I know the perfect place to pick up the pizza from) and the dip will be brilliant, though I may have to make it at his place. But that won’t be a problem (I hope) and it tastes better anyways. Also, I completely exaggerate how awful this dip/skillet thing is. I like it, I just hate the way it looks. It’s not supposed to be a meal, yet they advertise it like it is. Sigh.