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Me: *Spazzing out because some of the sauce burned to the bottom of the pan and am worried it will affect the taste*
Sydney: *Walks into the kitchen and eyes the pan,* What is /that?/
Me: What I tried to have you try earlier.
Sydney: *Lowers nose and inhales deeply* What kind of chicken is that?
Me: I cooked it with chicken stock *holds the chicken stock up*, garlic and other goodies.
Sydney: What’s chicken stock made from? *Brow raise*
Me: To my knowledge, a chicken carcass, or whole chicken, tossed in a big pan with lots of water and set to boil down. The juices are strained from the solid bits, obviously.
Sydney: *Pause* … So, it’s chicken cooked in chicken? It’s ultra chicken-y. I want to try it.
Me: Go right ahead.
Sydney: *Is babbling while trying to get a bit of chicken from the pan* Chicken cooked in chicken stock which was chicken… *Finally gets a piece and tries it.*
Sydney: That… that is really good. I want another.