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Yesterday afternoon, while the sun was still shining and even though the air was crisp with a slight chill, Josh and I took a mini trip to Evergreen Walk (a string of outdoor shops) to satiate my hunger for the divine cupcakes only found at Ganache (because I haven’t found any place that makes them better). Getting out of the car and walking arm in arm, I knew we didn’t have much time to tarry. After pausing to grab a picture of the sign for another post, we made our way into the confections shop. The aroma of sweets filled my nose, leaving me giddy with anticipation. In our last 2 visits here, Josh and I had gotten absurdly delicious cupcakes that leave you savouring each bite because you know for a fact that you’ll probably have to wait a little while to return. Waiting to be helped, I surveyed the cases and to my disappointment, found that there wasn’t a wide variety this time. Of course, this could not be helped as it was an hour before the shop closed for the day. Thankfully, there were our favourite kind of cupcakes left: Red Velvet, Caramel Toffee, and Reeses Peanut Butter. Waiting patiently, and hoping that those who were in front of us wouldn’t take any of the last three Reeses Peanut Butter cupcakes, Josh and I murmured amongst ourselves. I ordered four cupcakes. Seeing as they didn’t have any other cupcakes he wanted, Josh ordered 2 red velvet cupcakes (something he doesn’t get often because I’ve yet to try to make it and am afraid that when I do, I’ll botch it) and I ordered 1 of each of the Reeses Peanut Butter & Caramel Toffee cupcakes. Paying up, we left the shop and made our way back down the row of shops, the sound of good music (in my opinion) drifting through the otherwise almost deserted shops. There was a fire blazing in an brazier among which people were huddled, but we passed it by, crossing the street to go to another favourite shop of mine: Stonewall Kitchen. Stonewall Kitchen, for those who don’t know, is an east coast chain of shops, about 9 total, but is comparable to any specialty shop and is among my personal favourite place to go when given the opportunity. Last time we’d been there, it was around Halloween and the display was festive as such. This time, the display was wrought with an Easter theme, colourful eggs, grass, you get the idea. But what caught my interest, however and as always, was the section with the oils. The roasted garlic oil would be perfect for sauteeing chicken in next time I would make Chicken Alfredo. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten my gift card and didn’t have much money to spend on cooking oils at the moment (yes, cupcakes are more important than cooking oils, my priorities are absolutely skewed). So, making note of some of the other oils that caught my eye as well as the aforementioned garlic oil, Josh and I left and made our way back up the street towards Moe’s Southwest Grill. Ever since my Grandfather brought me to Moe’s for my birthday this past year, it’s been a thing to occasionally go back and get a good homewrecker (no joke, that’s the name of the burrito). Taco Bell couldn’t match the Homewrecker if they tried, to be honest with you. This might be because when you order at Moe’s, they let you decide what to put in it, unlike at Taco Bell you order a burrito and it comes with this mush of refried beans, a wall of sour cream, then a wall of cheese and then a wall of beef, you get the idea. At Moe’s, it’s kind of like subway. You start out, what kind of meat do you want? Me, beef or chicken (next time both), do you want rice? Yes. Beans, black or pinto? Black. Do you want sour cream, guacamole, jalapeños, onions, green peppers? Yes, sour cream, onions and green peppers. Do you want lettuce? Nope. Is that all? Yes. It’s absolutely divine.  Next time, I think I’ll probably skip the burrito and go for a taco salad, fajita, or even a quesadilla, just to change it up. While noshing, Josh and I chatted about things, tried different soda selections, you know, stuff that people do when they sit down and eat together. It was pretty nice. With full bellies and a darkened sky outside, we made our way back to the car and headed back home.