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On a day like today, when the skies are gray and heavy with rain… when the only people outside are hurrying perhaps to and fro’ with their collars turned up, umbrellas in hand, it’s absolutely bliss to sit as I do. Head tilted back, laying against the cool window, the taste of cinnamon and hazelnut on my lips from the hot chocolate I’ve been sipping. Either John Coltrane, perhaps, Wynton Marsalis, I don’t know who, play the sweetest jazz. It rather goes hand in hand perfectly with the gray skies and damp grounds outside, but it is enjoyable, not depressing. There is but one aroma filling the house today and it is from the hot chocolate, now cooling off the burner, but it is aromatic enough. There needn’t be a garlic laden sauce simmering, or a soup stewing. Not today. Today is a lazy day. A day of wearing soft, warm pyjama pants and a jumper, of having curls that ring my face.. a day where my planner is cleared of plans not because I don’t feel well, but because I desire it; today is the day I have craved all week. Where the time can pass by as if through molasses, with no sun to measure the change. And if you asked me, if you asked me how I feel about all this? I might just flail an arm out, eyes still closed, searching for my mug of cooling hot chocolate and upon finding it, I’d open my eyes… offer you the laziest, most Cheshire-ian of smiles, sip it and tell you it’s bliss. Utter, perfect bliss.