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Mum happened to bring home doughnuts and bagels before she left for work this morning. instead of grabbing a doughnut (okay, I did have half of one), I grabbed a bagel from the bag and headed downstairs when a thought occurred to me. Of course, I had to text my best friend.

Me: They make heart shaped donuts right? What about people who like bagels? Why don’t heart shaped bagels exist?!

Elise: Hmm… because I suppose people don’t usually give out bagels as romantic treats? To hell with that. I love bagels. I want a [censored] heart bagel

Me: that’s what I’m talkin’ bout! mum brought home a dozen donuts for the girls and I, two of which are heart shaped. and I was like “[censored] this, I want a bagel” (so as a rule, mum brings home bagels too. One for each of us, should we want it.) and it just makes me think. Just imagine an everything or cheddar heart shaped bagel. NOTHING says I love you like a warm (gooey) cheddar/everything bagel!

Elise: We need to open a bakery or something and make those. I mean, there are people who can’t have sugary things. We could make millions!