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Chicken Tacos

They’re “old fashioned mini chicken tacos… They are very moist, home made corn tortillas, double wrapped… [they’re] slow simmered, shredded chicken. Piled high with pico de gallo, onions, and tomatoes, the radishes are just a garnish. There are limes that I squeezed over the tacos. The first bite is a mix of flavours. First the juicy chicken, then the richness of the veggies, followed by the zest and tang of the lime. It’s so juicy it runs down your arm from the first bite on.

Picture & Description via Leif during his lunch break from work.

Can I just admit, I’m pretty jealous. The description itself is enough to make my mouth water and almost loathe him for getting to indulge in something so delightfully delicious sounding. Of course, the reason behind my envy may be because I was stuck noshing on a /sandwich/ of all things and my taste buds crave something similar to what he described. Although, if it were me noshing, I’d have a rum and coke with my tacos, not just a coke. But I guess you can’t really do that on lunch break, now can you?