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Last week, it was Mum’s birthday, last night, it was Dad’s birthday. So, after a week of bland food and snow, I was thankful for the soul warming dinner that my Grandmother had made. You honestly can’t go wrong with a big roast, fluffy mashed potatoes, stewed carrots, and biscuits, unless of course, you have a vegetarian in the family. That’s when things get messy, because the vegetarian can’t eat the carrots or the meat and you have to go through another whole endeavour so as to not appear rude. That aside, I’m thankful everyone in my family eats meat and we were able to enjoy a great meal.  

I won’t lie to you, the roast was a bit dry, albeit it was super tender (you could stab it with a fork and it fell apart), the potatoes were fluffy and had a slight garlic undertone, the carrots, too, were fork tender and bursting with flavour, and the biscuit? It was great.  The jus from the meat (which my grandmother made into a gravy, not pictured here) really livened up the meat, rehydrating it as well.

It almost looks similar to the pictures I posted for Christmas/New Years' dinner. The only thing missing is the ham/pork & kraut.

You ever have a meal so heavy, rich, savoury that you just have to nap afterwords? That’s what happened to me. Thankfully, there was a half hour lapse between dinner and dessert, whereupon, the ice cream cake definitely woke me up.

Nothing like ice cream cake... when it's snowing outside.

So, now that we’re down two birthdays, the next one doesn’t occur until my youngest sister’s, and that’s not until April. Maybe between now and then, I can talk Mum and Dad into letting me cook, rather than us going out to dinner. If not, there’s always my birthday in June and honestly, I’d rather cook my birthday dinner than go out.