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Over the last few months, I’ve been on a casual endeavour to make the “perfect” eggs. I’ve only really stuck with scrambling them (if you can mess up scrambled eggs as a chef, that’s problematic) and trying to turn them into an omelet (although, there was that one day when I failed at making eggs sunny side up, but let’s not talk about that). You’d think that given time, I’d be able to make a decent omelet. Haha, no.

While I cannot get the egg to fold, I have gotten it down so it’s at least…. edible. There was this one day a month or so ago, maybe two months ago, where I made an omelet. While, yes, I managed to get it folded, it was inedible due to taste. Here (the picture below), the eggs won’t fold, but they damn well are golden, cheddar-y and fluffy. I’d at least serve this to my dog.

There's still a bit of room for perfecting, I think. Goodness help me when I start adding vegetables and other stuff to it.

The finished product? A plate of yet another failed omelet (it’s not a complete wash, it tasted great, very fluffy, full of flavour) and some pierogies… of the feta, spinach and potato variety. I have weird tastes.