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When boredom strikes, I tend to get a little… creative.

This isn’t always necessarily a bad thing, or so I’m told. But today, I should have realised it when I decided to play with a wide spectrum of ingredients, some that don’t mix and match quite as well as one muses that they might.

Before I continue, how many of you are crazy enough to mix chipotle sausage, cream cheese, chicken stock, and garlic together in a pan? Hopefully, none of you nodded your heads, raised your hands, or do what it is you do to signal “I am” or “That sounds like something I’d do.” If, however you did quirk a brow in wonder, goodness help you. Sure, it sounds… alluring to try something new, I mean they (whoever “They” are) say that a recipe is nothing but a theme for one to expand upon, right? Well, maybe with lots of fine tuning (and lots less cream cheese) this recipe might work. But, that’s another day’s work.

For now, all you need to really know is that sausage, cream cheese, chicken stock, fresh parmesan cheese and garlic just don’t work together.

I don't know what I was thinking.

If you don’t heed that and are headstrong, creative, like myself and feel like experimenting, just take care to know that you don’t need that much cream cheese. Because it’s really… cream cheese-y. The sauce, that is.

If I had any wits about me, I'd have stopped here.

I’ll be honest with you, when I was plating, I thought for sure things might be okay. I’d tasted it about 5 times (dirtying up 5 different spoons), and I had this belief that the linguine would make everything better. I was, indeed, very wrong.

It was like... glue. I don't know how I stomached it now that I stop and think about it.

So, through the bowl, I kept thinking to myself, “sauce is a bit thick, needs more chicken stock.” It also needed to not have a general taste of “cream cheese and other stuff tossed into a pot” because that’s just unappetizing. Yet I managed to finish it because no, I wouldn’t even give my dog these left overs.

Nope, don't know how I ate it. I'm cringing just looking at this picture, honestly.

From here? I think I’ll take what I know (the ingredients), tweak the amounts (and meats, because sausage is a no go with a cheese based sauce) and try again. Maybe next time it’ll be… palatable.