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Just when I thought yesterday would be a wash, what with a failed omelet for brunch and then this awful pasta that makes even the most strong stomach’d of people wince, Mum called asking what we wanted for dinner. It was peculiar in that I was going to suggest chicken when she told me that Sydney had said she wanted Moe’s.

The peculiar bit about that is my sister doesn’t eat burritos. She avoids them like the plague. But, she does enjoy fajitas, quesadillas and the such. After we got off the phone, Mum and I having agreed it would probably just be easiest if she brought them home, I texted Mum how I wanted my burrito. Steak with rice, pico de gallo (which, before last night I’d never had, by the way), onions, sautèed green peppers (or whatever they do to cook them), and black beans, with cheese (obviously).

So delicious.

Need I say any more?