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After a harried night Sunday night and a long day at work Yesterday, I didn’t have the chance to write about what I ate or even post the pictures I’d grabbed of both meals. Luckily, they strike the same note on one’s pallet. 

Sunday afternoon, mum called and said she was picking up hamburger meat for burgers and fries. A simple, easy dinner.

Instead, she came home with the makings for all things tacos/taco salads.

  • A Bag of Multi-grain tortilla chips
  • Flour Tortillas
  • Hamburger
  • Taco Seasoning (because we were fresh out, now we have another big container of the stuff)
  • That bagged salad with the romaine/iceburg lettuce, the purple stuff*, and shredded carrots.
  • Fresh tomatoes

You get the idea. So, I assembled my salad. Warmed tortilla in the bottom of a big salad bowl, fresh washed/spun leafy greens, taco meat fresh from the pan and still steaming, cheese, diced tomatoes & sour cream for good measure. If I’d known we had rice as well, I’d have had rice too, but it wasn’t made evident until after I’d eaten and I was too full to even think about having a bowl. 

Yesterday, after an incredibly long day at work, I came home and utilised left overs. 

Refried beans, left over taco meat (boy does that stuff congeal over night in the fridge), and cheese all wrapped up in a tortilla. On the side, a serving of multigrain chips and salsa. Delicious.