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There’s no better way to spend my day off than by doing some serious cooking. 

By serious, I mean it took me from 1130-230 to prep, cook, and clean.

It started with the run to the supermarket. I was in the mood for something different than I’d already had and felt like trying something “new”

Technically, steak potatoes aren’t new for me. This time, however, I grabbed potatoes so I could make fluffy, cheesy mashed potatoes. After the trip to store and while I enjoyed a Starbucks Java Chip Frapp., I gathered up everything I’d need.

(Back-Front, Left-Right) Large white onion, Potatoes, Sour Cream, Cheese, & Steaks

First thing I did after putting the steaks away, was to peel my potatoes. Honestly, peeling potatoes is worse than shucking corn. When I was finished, I cubed them and set them to soak in cold water for a half hour while I chopped my onion.

Strained and ready to be boiled. 😀

When they’d finished soaking for a half hour, I strained them and then put them back in the pot to boil while I decided how to cook the steaks. Unfortunately, the grill outside (my first choice to cook steaks, even if they are thinly cut) was out of propane. It was also way too warm in the house as it was to even think about cooking them in the oven. That was when I saw it: the griddle.

Lookit all the awesome kitchen appliances I got to break out today! The Griddle (before I cleaned it, it's evident that it hadn't gotten any love lately), my pan full of potatoes, pre-boil, and the mixer (which also looks like it hadn't gotten any love at all recently, either)

Once I’d finished dusting/washing the griddle, Josh and I had to hunt around for the cord. You’d think one would keep the plug for it inside of it in-between uses, apparently not. While we hunted for it, I had to get up on a chair and look on top of the fridge. That’s where the griddle is kept when it’s not used, so I figured, hey, maybe I missed it?

My GPOYT, I couldn't help myself. I was right in front of the spice cabinet and figured it would make a great picture.

Goofing off with the camera aside, we ended up locating the plug for the griddle in the same drawer where the potato peeler and many other helpful kitchen objects are stored. While Josh and I had been searching, the potatoes had begun to boil nicely. It’s always odd, that when potatoes are being cooked in my house, you know they’re boiling because they boil over. Mine didn’t, which is good. It’s one less mess I’d have to clean up later. While the potatoes bubbled and boiled away, I seasoned the steaks and heated the griddle. Once it was heated, I carefully put the steaks in and put the lid on, letting them sear on one side.

The raw side of the steaks. There is a rub of salt, pepper, Goya and this char rub on each side.

After a few minutes with the lid on, I braved turning the steaks. They looked simply marvelous, or so I thought. After adding water and the onions I had chopped earlier, the house really began to smell amazing.

Simply delicious.

While the steaks finished doing what they were doing, I had timed it right so my potatoes finished cooking. Straining them and putting them back in the pan, I had fun mixing them (and this time, thankfully didn’t end up covered in mashed potatoes).

Fluffy Mashed Potatoes: Potatoes, Milk, Butter, Cheese (completely optional), and Sour Cream.

The potatoes didn’t have to sit long before the steaks were done and I was able to plate.

Steak & Potatoes. Next time, I think I'll sautèe a green pepper when I braise the onions. I might have to substitute the potatoes at that point for some rice. Yum.

During lunch, Josh and I chatted and came to the conclusion that we ought to share the love with his mum. Once we had finished eating and before I cleaned up the mess from cooking (because there were dishes everywhere, admittedly), I put the leftovers away. It’s hard to say, and I doubt it, but maybe the steak and potatoes will taste better once reheated?

Leftovers are the best part about cooking a great meal, even if it is someone else who gets to enjoy them.

Once the kitchen was cleaned, everything put back where I found it, counter tops whiped down, it was nice to sit, relax and think about how I would have to write this post.