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I’m on a chicken kick of late. Mainly because it’s the most accessible thing in the kitchen, but you don’t see me complaining.

I don’t mind cooking chicken. It smells great while it’s cooking; if done right it’s pretty darn juicy and full of flavour; you can pair it with pasta, rice, potatoes, or just about anything; and it’s something I’m really good at cooking because I cook it a lot.

Unfortunately for me, Josh is kind of picky. He doesn’t like to eat pasta unless he has to (pasta is a staple in my cooking, it’s so incredibly versatile), at which point he doesn’t like chunky red sauces (so I can’t make Chicken Cacciatore or pasta with fire roasted tomatoes), nor does he care for vegetables (so he won’t touch my sausage and peppers).

Unsure of where I was going with dinner, I started pulling stuff from the cupboard and fridge.

Cheese, Tortillas, Chicken (bone in) Thighs, & Rice Pilaf

After rinsing off the chicken and patting it dry, I pulled some stuff from the spice cupboard.

Cayenne Pepper, Onion Powder, Goya (always a necessary staple), Chushed Red Pepper Flakes, & More Goya

While olive oil heated on the stove in a deep bottom pan, I seasoned the chicken. Once the chicken was rubbed down with everything but the packet of Goya, I put them into the pan and let the chicken sear on both sides.

One side successfully pan seared. Delicious.

Once both sides had been pan seared and there was more than enough fat in the bottom of the pan I removed the chicken from the pan, added a cup of water and stirred in that orange packet of goya. Once it had begun to simmer, I replaced the chicken, reduced the heat to medium low and set the timer for 30 minutes.

While the chicken simmered away and while the oven preheated for the tortillas, I started browning my rice on the stove.

Make sure to stir frequently.

Once the rice was successfully browned, I added the water, stirred in the packet of seasoning (that reminds me far too much of ramen noodles) and put the lid on.

Turn the heat down to low and just leave it be.

It was around that point that the oven was  heated to 350, that I put the tortillas in. That done, I noticed 15 minutes had elapsed and turned the chicken.

The house smelled absolutely delicious at this point, yum.

At this point, nothing needed my immediate attention. The tortillas were baking in the oven, the chicken would be done in 15 minutes, and the rice was simmering away on low, so I chilled. Downtime when cooking anything is great. You can take the time to start putting stuff away or washing dishes that you’d already used. Once the tortillas had finished cooking, I turned the oven off and let them sit while the chicken and rice finished cooking.

Not exactly the best picture, but it gets the point across.

Once the chicken and rice finished cooking, I was able to start plating. 

The only thing left to do? Grab some forks and have an excellent dinner together. While Josh and I ate, I made a couple remarks to him that had us both laughing. We watch “Chopped” together on the Food Network and he knows how I nearly hang on to every word that Geoffrey Zakarian and Marc Murphy say. So when I tore into the flatbread-esque tortilla and found it to be soaking up the juices from the chicken, I turned to him and said, “I’d lose points for this. The crunch of the tortilla has been affected because of juices. I can hear him now.” To which Josh pointed out that his plate was perfectly fine, and the presentation was nice, so it wasn’t such a big issue. Needless to say, we had a good time eating and watching the basketball game.