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There’s quite honestly nothing like falling asleep while studying for a certification and then waking up bright and early on the first of one’s two days off before making breakfast.

Admittedly, I did lay in bed for two hours, watching the sky go from a beautiful pre-dawn shade of blue to the bright, azure blue it is now, fluffy clouds included. You can’t ask for a better start to the morning than that, honestly. What makes it extra gratifying, however, is the fact that while everyone upstairs was rushing around to get ready for work and school while I looked out my window, I was thinking of what I could make for breakfast. I had no idea what we had in the fridge, or if there was any more pancake batter in the cupboard, so I mused to myself. Before mum left for work, I went upstairs and said good morning to her and scoped out the foodstuffs.

In the fridge we had some bacon, eggs, strawberries. All great, even if I still can’t make bacon to save my soul. In the cupboard, look at that, we did have some pancake mix. So, I’d have pancakes. Another chance to improve upon those, awesome. Until I saw it sitting on the counter next to the stove ominously.

The Wafflemaker.

I did say that I wanted to make waffles on Sunday, so why not make them now? I went to the pantry, retrieving the mix, eggs and milk from the fridge and a big mixing bowl from the cupboard. Looking at the side of the box where the waffle instructions were, I found that the first step was the same: combine all ingredients in a large bowl, mix until well blended. No biggie.

All mixed and ready to go.

As soon as I knew the waffle iron was hot (and nearly burned my palm in result of my carelessness), I poured batter into the grid, as directed and let the lid close. The side of the box had called for five minutes, or until the waffle maker was steaming. So I set the timer on the microwave and grabbed the syrup from the cupboard and the butter from the fridge. By the time the timer went off, it was rather disconcerting that I couldn’t open the waffle maker until I figured, perhaps it’s not done yet? So, I let it cook an extra minute and tried to open the waffle maker again. This time, I succeeded, with some effort. My waffle looked perfectly cooked, but I couldn’t get it out without the bottom sticking.

Huh. So that's why it said to grease the waffle iron. Lesson well learned.

I’d forgotten, rather, didn’t even think, to grease the waffle iron. But, surprisingly, the waffles came out properly once I’d gotten a fork and stabbed at the corner, pulling gently. Cool, I now had a steaming hot waffle iron and extra batter. Well, rather than repeat this process and end up with 2 sets of hallow, halved waffles, I grabbed a fork, stuck butter on the end and greased up the iron. With that done, I added more batter and let it cook for five minutes.

My waffles. Yum.

The batter ended up yielding four more waffles (five if you count the half a one I managed to burn really bad, but that was only because there was only a little bit of batter left) which I wrapped up and saved for my sister who said she would want some if I made them.