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A foodie’s mind is an interesting place to be. 

I don’t work in a kitchen, not yet unfortunately.

Instead I’m stuck behind a desk all day, keying monotonously. Jobs like that allow for the mind to… wander. Well, at least, MY mind wanders.

I find myself typing away and before long I’ve got food on the brain. Not just food exactly, but other things to. My dream kitchen for instance. I imagine it a little like this…

Courtesy of google images, this isn't mine and I don't take any credit for the photography. Or the kitchen. Though I would love that kitchen. Maybe with darker cabinets, other than that it's how I visualise my future kitchen.

And of course, continuing on with kitchens and goodness, I think of how well stocked I’d like my kitchen.

A matching set of cookware,

Courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen, this is the six piece set that I would kill for.

Some pretty awesome knives.

Courtesy of cutco. Maybe if they were purple handled....

Various awesome accessories. For instance, a cheese board and cheese knife.

Courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen; isn't it adorable?

Courtesty of neato shop; if I'm going to own a cheese board, it'll be something like this.

(Those were cheese related, I know) But I think you get the idea. When I’m working, I might as well be in the kitchen because I’m already there mentally.