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It’s always great when your mum hands you three pizza boxes when you’re leaving work and says “Here, dinner for you and the girls.”

For the sake of this post, we don’t care what’s in the bottom, white, unopened, two pizza boxes. Nope. We’re looking at the contents of the top one: My Mediterranean Pizza.

Giovanny's Pizza: Coveted by the Gods, it's so good.

I didn’t open the box. I assumed it was still full of pizza. How silly of me to assume that I’m the only one (besides Mum) who enjoys the spinach, broccoli, Roma tomato, and feta topped pizza.

Three pieces left. This stuff is more popular than the pizza in the bottom two boxes. Yes, I had a bite before I stopped and did took pictures. The aroma was so... tantalising.

In the bliss of having the Mediterranean pizza (it’s been a while since we’ve had it– that would probably be why it’s so coveted in the house by mum and I), it didn’t occur to me that Mum would probably have shared it with her co-workers who also like it. Three pieces is enough for a quick bite now with one left over later on.

At this point, these are just gratuitous pictures. They serve no purpose other than to look delicious, make your mouth water, and back up my story that it's the best pizza you'll ever eat. Vegetarian or not.

The best part about the pizza? You can eat it hot or cold and it tastes better than most pizzas when cold, except maybe cheese pizza. The broccoli has a slight crunch to it still, despite having been cooked with the rest of the pizza. The spinach lends its delicious taste to the pizza as well, and in all honesty, if you’re not a spinach person you don’t even know it’s there. Plump, luscious, juicy Roma tomatoes accent the pizza without making it soggy. And the feta? It ties everything together with subtle tones of garlic wrapped up in the warm, salty, tangy flavour feta naturally provides.

It’s essentially the perfect pizza. But maybe I’m just biased.