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After work, I did myself a favour and did some prep work for dinner tomorrow. 

Then again, it wasn’t exactly optional. I wanted to use the rub I bought after work on Saturday. The directions on the tin call for it to be applied generously and allowed to sit either for several hours or overnight. Seeing as I got out of work at 4:00pm this afternoon, I didn’t have “several hours” at my disposal and besides, I’m sure it’ll taste better if allowed to sit on the pork overnight.

What am I making for dinner tomorrow? Pork chops (they would have been parmesan crusted except for the fact we’re lacking the parmesan cheese, thus the need for the espresso rub; I was itching to use it anyway) and mashed potato pancakes.

I started off by rubbing the chops down with espresso rub

... and this time, My hands won't be orange for days to come!

As soon as they were seasoned to my liking, I put the chops in a bag, washed my hands, and began working with potatoes. I didn’t need that many so I borrowed some of the russets Mum had in the kitchen. 

The problem came about when I was looking to peel them. I had 4 potatoes nice and scrubbed, waiting to be peeled and the potato peeler (“I swear I know we have one!”) was nowhere to be found and I had to use a knife.

The whole while, I kept thinking "please don't miss and cut myself, please don't miss..." Because that knife was sharp and we all know that eventually down the line we all cut ourselves while chopping potatoes.

Once the potatoes were peeled and chopped, I set them on the stove to boil while dinner (a quick, jar sauce alfredo) cooked on another burner. 

… and then my camera died.

But all you really need to know is that:

  • The potatoes came out good
  • I had to mash them by hand with one of those funky hand mashers.
  • Now they’re chilling in the refrigerator so tomorrow I can make them into pancakes while the pork chops cook.

I’ll post the recipes tomorrow when I cook them. For now, all I can say is that I’m getting the hang of this prepping and planning ahead thing.