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Tonight, as there was nothing of good nutritional value (read: nothing I could cook that wouldn’t bore me) in the cupboard or fridge, Josh and I took a ride down to Starbucks to pick up drinks (it’s a staple) and Moe’s for a late dinner. 

Left: His java chip frap.
Right: My double chocolate chip crème

While we alternated munching on burritos and sucking chocolate chip goodness, Josh and I talked about things but more so, I did some thinking. Today was my day off and it being so, I had the chance to peruse the web (and my favourites folder for things I had favourited ages ago because they looked interesting and I didn’t have the time to look at them in-depth) in search of new recipes and the like (read: new utensils for the kitchen, how I would like to model my kitchen when I am older, etc). In my search I came across a few things I would like to try making as soon as possible…

For instance:

Shrimp linguine in tomato and white wine sauce. I don’t make nearly enough seafood or pasta (except for chicken alfredo, I should have it perfected and I don’t yet, but that’s another story) and this looks delicious.

Beef Bourguignon. I have a love of French cuisine. It may stem from the fact that I visited Paris (and the surrounding cities/towns) for nine days my junior year in school and had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten while I was there (their fries are REALLY good. I can’t emphasize that enough). This recipe, although it is spring and warmer days are looming, looks like it will be a great try on the off-chance we get another cool evening.

Buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese. I think I’ve mentioned that I have never once made macaroni cheese without that adorable blue box. This might be my escapade into abandoning the box, it looks delicious and simple enough considering it’ll be my first time box-less.

Chicken cordon bleu rolls. I’ve heard about chicken cordon bleu more than I can count on my fingers and toes. Every time I go to the grocer, I tell myself, “I’ll pick up the things I need to make chicken cordon bleu” and yet, here I am; I still haven’t made it. However, I have eaten it before; Josh’s father made it for dinner one night a long while ago and it was good as far as I can remember.

Maybe when I make it to the store, I’ll pick up the makings for that shrimp linguine. After all, I did buy roasted garlic oil that I am itching to use and I know somebody who would enjoy the shrimp as much as I would…