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I forget how this endeavour to perfect eggs began. I think Josh may have mentioned something to me, some months ago about how to be a chef, you have to know how to make eggs, and not just scrambled either. Even at that point, however, I could make scrambled eggs, just without the pretty display. It was, however, every other type of eggs that I could not make and was rather disheartening.

The first time I made eggs (for the blog), they came out simply awful. It was… embarrassing. I wouldn’t eat them, nor would I feed them to my dogs, that’s how bad they were. If that is not proof enough, a few months ago at Chili Fest, my favourite foodie aunt was perusing through my camera and came across the picture of the eggs that I used for that first post. Needless to say, she was mortified and definitely agreed that I would have to work on my eggs. I didn’t get the chance to explain that the picture in question was about two months dated and that by that point my eggs had made some improvement.

The next time I made eggs, again for the sake of the blog, I should have stuck with making scrambled eggs or an omelet, as that is the type of egg that I wanted to perfect first. Instead, I got ambitious. I wanted to make a sunny side up egg and place it on the toast like I’ve seen Mum do all these years (despite the fact that I actually hate sunny side up eggs with a passion). Well… it didn’t turn out too great, the yolk broke and the toast was, for lack of better terminology: awful. Thankfully nobody I know likes their eggs sunny side up and I’ll have time to improve upon it.

A few days after that disaster with the sunny side up egg, I was back at making eggs again and had my camera at my disposal. This time, the eggs almost had the omelet shape and the toast was pretty good. Then again, I was using cinnamon swirl toast and a different pan than I had used for the eggs the first time I’d attempted to make them.

Some time passed in-between blogging about eggs. There were days when I would wake up early and head over to Josh’s house to make him eggs for breakfast, but of course, my camera would be nowhere in sight. Or, I would be cooking here at the house and wouldn’t bother to grab my camera before heading up to the kitchen. Regardless, all you need to know, is that though I did not blog about eggs, I was still making them and they were gradually getting better, I just don’t have photographic proof.

Then, I blogged about eggs again. This post led me to a conversation with a friend of mine who told me I was doing it wrong. I can’t remember what he had said, however it was something along the lines of not needing to add milk to my eggs if I’m going to make an omelet because that is what the cheese is for. Not long after that conversation took place, another friend of mine asked what kind of pan I was using when I made eggs. Shoot, I didn’t know, it could have been the type of pan you use for pancakes, that’s how big it was. Alas, he mentioned using a smaller pan. I took both of their suggestions to heart. After all, any advice given that concerns cooking is advice well listened to.

Four days later, I made the best burrito. The funny bit is, I wasn’t even trying to get the eggs perfect. I’d grabbed a smaller pan (I think because the pan I usually used was dirty) and didn’t have much milk so I wasn’t going to use all that much on eggs. In essence, I’d taken both of my friends’ advice without even really thinking about it. When the eggs were golden and flipped perfectly, I’m sure you can imagine that I was a little more than, irritated? Think about it this way: the one time I’m not trying to get the eggs perfect, just solid so they don’t fall apart while I’m eating the burrito, and they come out perfect. I remember messaging Josh and he had messaged me back, pointing out that at least I’d made progress. Truth be told though, once I got over the irritation that the one time I’d made perfect eggs without actually trying, I was pretty excited.

Alas, here we are. After some months of making eggs over and over, with different types of cheeses and always no vegetables (although, one time I did try to put bacon into my eggs and… it didn’t end well, but that’s because I don’t much care for bacon with eggs any more), I took it up a step and added vegetables. However, they’re not the fresh vegetables that I would have liked to have used. Instead it’s from one of those egg scramble packages? I don’t know the name, but it comes with potatoes, red peppers, green peppers, onions, ham, bacon, etc.

First thing I did after washing my hands, I got out the vegetable medley thing from the freezer and the eggs from the fridge.

It's got everything. Green peppers, red peppers, ham, bacon, potatoes, onions... everything.

Our eggs.

Then I got the trusty little egg pan from the cupboard and added some butter to it like I was going to make eggs like I normally would. Once the butter was melted and frothy, I added the vegetables.

I wasn't sure how much to put in the pan, so I did about a third of a cup (1/3 C)

While the vegetables defrosted and cooked some, I reduced the heat (rather, mum did it for me when she came through the kitchen to get her water before leaving for work) and scrambled the eggs. Once everything was aromatic, I added the eggs and looked for a spatula of sorts.

Unlucky for me: all of our spatulas (even the rubber ones used for scraping the side of the dish) were dirty and I had to hand wash one. By the time that I had finished, the eggs had nearly finished cooking.

It smelled good, even if it's not the most appealing visually.

Once I’d gotten the spatula clean and managed to flip the eggs over, I stood and waited. By this time, the kitchen smelled really good and I was rather hungry. This is what they looked like plated:

I added salsa rather than cheese. It seemed like the way to go.

Next time I’ll be doing it with fresh vegetables, I think.