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Last night, I stayed up late trying to figure out what I could make for this week and with a little help, came across the idea for a chicken themed week. No takeout on Tuesday after I get paid, no going out. None of that, I couldn’t create last week, so I’m going to create this week.

Today Josh and I hit the grocery. I didn’t hesitate to pick up what I needed: tomatoes, peppers, onions, chicken (both boneless and bone in), hot sauce, chilies, pasta, whipping cream, a hunk of parmesan cheese, etc. It was painful to see how much it came to ($67), but for near a week’s worth of things that I need, it was definitely worth it. 

My notebook is nothing “pretty”. It’s a spiral bound notebook with a green cover. Though I haven’t taken to really personalizing the front, you never judge a book by its cover, right? The inside is lined with everything food and if you were to peer under the cover at the first page, you would be greeted with a flash of stark green against the white lined paper: a clipped recipe. Something for Mediterranean Pasta with fire oven roasted tomatoes*. There are other clipped recipes, too. But they are not so striking in their appearance and though I tell myself I’ll get around to making  them, I probably won’t.

I never write on the backs of the pages within the notebook. Partially because I don’t like crowding my thoughts (silly, I know), but mainly because I write thoughts or corrections on the back. That salsa recipe I posted last week? I haven’t tried making it yet, though I’m sure when I do, I’ll need to change quantities and I’ll do so on the back of the page.

Not every page is a recipe, though. Don’t get me wrong, a good part of the pages are recipes or variations on a favourite (chicken alfredo, anyone?), but I do have musings. Pages that are titled but without anything else, random ingredients without any sort of title, two pages have grocery lists… You get the idea.

My grocery list is different than yours, I can confidently say that. For starters, I absolutely hate the thought of a grocery list. I’m so used to going into the store and picking up what I need on a whim that it absolutely irritates me when I have to make one because I’m buying for the week. Another thing, I write my grocery list in 2 columns. Rather than trying to explain myself, I think you’ll understand better if you just look at the picture below.

I apologise for the shoddy quality, didn't have my camera on hand unfortunately and used my webcam. I also apologise for my awful handwriting.

It was around that grocery list that I did my shopping today. Yet, with all the trouble I went through last night writing things out, I still forgot the Provolone and ricotta cheese that I’ll need later on this week. Tonight I’m not doing any cooking, just planning out the rest of the week.

~Five Days of Food~

Tomorrow: A meal similar to the chicken dinner, only this time with salsa.

Wednesday: Chicken Scampi with garlic bread

Thursday: Buffalo chicken calzones

Friday: Chicken Cacciatore

Saturday: Chicken and Sausage Al Forno

*The recipe title is “Mediterranean Pasta with Fire Roasted Tomatoes” You can’t “fire roast” tomatoes unless you’ve got fire and the last time I looked? The inside of my oven didn’t involve any flames, thus I retitled it.