What a way to start the day today! Thanks so much to Fine Frugality for having given my blog a look and passing on the award to me. It’s pretty awesome, really. In case you didn’t know, Fine Frugality’s blog has plenty of amazing tips about how to save money where possible in both the kitchen and around the house.

So here’s what’s up:

  • I thank the person who nominated me and link back to their blog
  • You get to find out 7 things about me
  • And I’ll pass this on to 7 bloggers who are pretty amazing

I’ve not done one of these before and I probably won’t do this again, but regardless: 7 things you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. I detest writing down recipes. I don’t know if it’s just me or if there are other chef-folk out there who feel the same way. I find it’s just easier to go into a kitchen (whether it be my own, or one of Josh’s parents’ kitchens) and just start pulling stuff from the shelf of the pantry or from the depths of the fridge and go from there.
  2. I have the Eiffel Tower tattoo’d on my left foot as a result of the trip to Paris in my junior year at school. I came home from Paris and having liked it so much wanted to get the Eiffel on my foot. I sat on the idea for the 2 years before I could finally get it done.
  3. I might have mentioned this before, but I got into cooking because of my grandmother. I used to hang out over her house after school and babysit her dogs while she was working. One afternoon she asked me to cook something for dinner and I did and from then on, I wanted to cook more and more. Unfortunately, she’s also discouraged me from seeking a career as a chef, insisting that I become a paralegal or nurse.
  4. I don’t have a dresser in my room. Nor does my furniture match. My bedside table belongs to the bed that my sister has and vice versa.
  5. I have an assortment of nicknames that my sister and friends have bestowed on me. There are only a handful of people that I know who call me “Steffanni” and not “Steffica”
  6. I like shoes, rather, I’m particularly fond of shoes that I’d break my neck if I wore them. I own 2 pairs of 3″+ heels that I cannot wear to save my soul, yet I absolutely adore them and am trying to make a point to wear them more often so as to get used to the feeling.
  7. I have notoriously bad luck with fish. I must have owned at least 10 so far and each of them have died on me within the first 24-48 hours of owning them. That said, I’ll stick with having a cat or dog and love my dog Tipper incredibly much. 

Now the fun part: 7 noteworthy blogs you should go check out (in no particular order):

  1. Foodimentary. J.B’s blog is packed full of interesting facts about everyday foods, each day has a food holiday and it’s incredibly interesting.
  2. ChocolatesAndRaspberries. I absolutely adore her blog. It’s full of amazing photography, style and food.
  3. FrugalFeeding. His blog has a bunch of amazing recipes, each good for your wallet in that it won’t cost you a bunch to make the recipe.
  4. FaithfulToFood. Although her blog is relatively new, Maria has some amazing recipes to look through. My favourite being her most recent post about cinnamon swirl cookies. Yum.
  5. OmNomCT. Kristien and Dan have a great blog about the eateries around CT which though I’ve not gone to any of the places they’ve posted about, I have made a small list and can’t wait to drag Josh around to some of the places.
  6. The Culinarian Guild. I feel like I’m linking to The Passionate Culinarian a bunch lately in my posts (which isn’t a problem in my opinion), but his blog is so incredibly insightful and well written you’d be missing out if you didn’t go look.
  7. RantingsOfAnAmateurChef. It seems like every day he posts about such delicious foods, that my mouth ends up watering every time I visit his site.

Thank you again Fine Frugality for the award. Just as a heads up, you guys can expect another post today about what I’m going to be cooking in a couple of hours!