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Josh and I went to Sorento’s II Pizza yesterday. The service was excellent and the food was phenomenal.

We ordered Cheeseburger grinders, he without tomato on his, mine with lettuce, tomato and mayo and a side of fries.

The food

If we had known that we would be given so many fries each, we’d have split an order, rather than get two. We also could have gone with one sub for the both of us, but then again, we did go with 16″ each.

Each sandwich was on bread that was made in-house. The hamburger used was not the type that you can buy frozen and then thaw out as necessary. No, instead it was shaped and grilled for the sandwich with American cheese melted on top before it was added to the bread. Mayo, lettuce and tomato were all added post toasting (which is the way to go, because if you do it any other way, your sandwich gets soggy) and the fries got done around the same time as sandwiches came out of the oven.

The sandwich was delicious. Each bite was filled with American cheese mingling with savoury hamburger… the crunch of the lettuce; the ripe, sweet and juicy tomatoes provided the perfect amount of textural contrast. The fries, as I mentioned before, were out of the fryer at the same time as the sandwiches. The only qualm I had stems from the fact that a few of the fries were kind of limp, but other than that, I had no problems. They tasted delicious and I didn’t need salt or pepper with them, nor ketchup, though I don’t usually take fries with ketchup anyway.

All in all, I was impressed. The guy had the timing down to a T, and was polite to boot, offering drinks even though I hadn’t ordered any with the meal. Because of his generosity and his good customer service, Josh and I will probably go back, once we’ve frequented all the other hole-in-the-wall/Mum & Pop places.