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I went to bed uncharacteristically early last night and in doing so, woke up at what I usually consider to be way too early to function. This morning, however, there was no turning back over, yanking the covers up over my head, and falling back asleep. Instead, I went upstairs and made breakfast. 

Breakfast this morning consisted of eggs and peppers, chipotle sausage & pierogies.

The first thing I did was get the peppers out of the fridge. From last week’s adventure to the grocery store, I still have 2 whole peppers (red and green) and 2 halves of peppers (yellow and orange). I halved the red and green peppers and then put away what I didn’t need. 

After pitting the peppers, I rinsed them off to get any of the seeds that I had missed, and began cutting them into strips. 

After they were cut into strips, I began dicing the peppers while the pan on the stove warmed up. When the pan was hot enough, I added the peppers and set about getting the other components of my breakfast cooking. Into the toaster oven went some mini pierogies and chipotle sausage (it’s much healthier and more flavourful than bacon) and pretty soon the kitchen began to smell divine. The sautéeing peppers filled the air while I scrambled eggs to pour into the pan.

My little sister came into the kitchen while the peppers were in the pan and asked what it was that I was making? I told her breakfast, to which she replied back, “but breakfast isn’t that colourful normally. What are those?” Only my favourite vegetable around, kiddo, only my favourite vegetable.

When the peppers had been cooking for a bit, I added the eggs, reduced the heat and gave them a good stir to combine everything. Even though I had used three eggs, it still looked as if I was having peppers with a side of eggs for breakfast. 

Everything came together perfectly. The eggs finished cooking at the same time the toaster oven went off and I was able to dish everything without a problem. 

Not only does it look good, it tasted delicious. The eggs, though they had a medley of peppers in them, tasted delicious with hints of the cheese that I melted on top before serving them. Combine that with the subtle kick from the chipotle sausage, it was like heaven. Rather than toast, the pierogies, though they’re not breakfast food- were toasted perfectly: firm, lightly browned outside with the creamy potato and cheddar inside.

Bon apétit, indeed.