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I’m back and come bearing pictures from the weekend. I use the term “weekend” rather loosely, because I come bearing pictures of Friday through yesterday. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll let my photos do (most of) the talking.

“What do you want on it?”
“Syrup, sugar, whipped cream.”
“You mean the works.”
– My cousin and I on breakfast at their house, Friday morning.

Buffalo Chicken dip, which I helped create Friday afternoon.

“What’re you looking for?”
“Mom said she needed a sturdy spatula, to cut the Smokehouse with. Here, hold these.”
-How I ended up with a spatula “bouquet”, Friday before the graduation party.

“Is it up to temperature yet?”
“No, but if it doesn’t get there, we always have Smokehouse. Which was the original plan, you see.”
-A conversation concerning dinner Post Graduation, Saturday.

“Pitiful breakfast at the house of Miller.”
“Yikes, that does look a little meek.”
“It is. Eggs, cantaloupe, a roll… unfulfilling. Culinary expectations, ruined.”
-Sunday morning breakfast and a joking around conversation. Those eggs were rather delicious, especially once you added hot sauce. The cantaloupe was fresh, too.

My uncle makes the best coffee cake. This was delicious and a perfect midday nosh on Sunday

“Just remember, ‘The meal is not over until you hate yourself’.”
-Words of wisdom concerning a gluttonous feasting of Donato’s Pizza, Sunday night. For those who are curious, there were 6 boxes to start with. 5 pepperoni & cheese, 1 BBQ chicken and 8 of us. Only one box survived the night.

Before Monday morning, I’d never been to Tim Horton’s before. We were on the drive home when we picked up breakfast.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese on a biscuit from Tim Horton’s. It was oddly good.

Halfway home, in Pennsylvania, we had to stop and get gas. We also picked up dinner. Rather than go with something usual, I got the Smokehouse BBQ chicken sub. For disrespecting my tastebuds, it was delicious with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.

The weekend was great. There was a party Friday to celebrate my cousin’s graduating. Saturday, though it rained, there was the graduation and I had time to spend with family whom I hardly ever see. Sunday was filled with not necessarily “goodbye”, but moreso “See You Soon”. The food was delicious and it’s unfortunate that I only thought to grab pictures of a fraction of what we ate. There was a lot of Smokehouse (baked spaghetti pie with sausage, hamburger and bacon- a fireman’s recipe), Smoked Turkey (it did get up to temperature on time), Fresh fruit (I discovered I love honeydew), salad, the dip that my aunt and I made (Which is tomorrow’s post) and so much more. The car ride home could have been better: we’d have stopped at Dr. Mike’s ice cream place in Monroe, because we were passing through, but we hit traffic. But, there’s always next time. Regardless, I said it before and I’ll say it again: I had a wonderful weekend.