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Ever since I’ve been home from Ohio, I’ve been in a rut. 

Maybe it’s the weather, but I’m experiencing a lull in my creativity. I’m suffering from the culinary version of writer’s block. It’s similar to how Dorthy felt when she was with her Aunt and Uncle in Kansas. Everything feels so dull and grey, mundane even.

As a result, I’ve been eating minimally creative foods. Sad, I know. Last night, Josh and I studied for History together and we got so wrapped up in working time flew by. I ended up noshing ham and cheese on toasted whole wheat bread. He ate spaghetti-o’s.

Today? I utilised some things we had kicking around in the kitchen. A jar of leftover alfredo sauce, elbow macaroni, cream, stock, garlic and shredded cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses became something akin to Alfredo. I find jar alfredo sauce to be bland, kind of like this weather. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth while ruining your day. Even with the addition of a base of heavy cream, butter and stock, I was certain the alfredo sauce wouldn’t be as good as if I had made it fresh with parmesan and Gruyère cheeses. 

Surprisingly, while the sauce bubbled away it resembled something decent. It was a light beige colour and the aroma coming off it was edible. Yet, it didn’t raise my spirits any. If anything, I went from feeling grey to sepia. I’m getting somewhere, right? 

I hate to admit it, but I’m getting sick of pasta.

I’ve had pasta a bunch lately. I made pasta with ham and chicken before I left for Ohio. I ate a lot of smokehouse while I was in Ohio, and then when I came home I had spaghetti tossed with alfredo sauce (the very same jar that I used to cook today). Sure, pasta is a great comfort food, but I’m in need of something else. Thankfully, the pasta I made today was the last of it that we have in the house. Unless Ramen noodles count. 

When the pasta had finished cooking, it looked like elbow noodles often do. I switched the sauce from the small sauce pan to the pan I had cooked the pasta in and then re-added the noodles. It rather resembled the macaroni and cheese I made that one time and smelled appetising. 

As far as tastes go, this wasn’t that bad. Granted, I have made better, but if I was to take something to work with me, I would probably take this over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Especially since I don’t care for jelly all that much. But, I digress. In a pinch, this pasta is okay. I  wouldn’t serve it to house guests, as I can make better from scratch, but I would at least give it to my dogs.