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Thursday through tonight has been a celebration of my birthday. It was supposed to end last night with Stuffed Shells and family time with Mum, Dad, and my 2 sisters, but things got crazy: I had work, dad worked, and my sisters weren’t really home.

The title of this post is actually a quote from a friend of mine at work. She’d asked how my birthday went and I told her that there was still more to do to which she replied:

My birthday is just a one day thing and here you are celebrating for 5 days. You might as well give the Queen’s Jubilee a run for its money.

I found that to be amusing, but she’s right. It’s been low key celebrating, though. Thursday, I ate dinner and did cake with Dad, my Gran, and one of my sisters. Friday (my actual birthday), was spent with Josh. We ate takeout and got ice cream. Saturday? My grandfather and I went shopping after work and did a delicious dinner. Last night (when I was supposed to celebrate with Mum, Dad and my 2 sisters) was spent with a variety of frozen pizzas and just relaxing. Because of the change in plans, no gifts were given last night and thus tonight is when everything is said and done with. Anyhow, I’m rambling. Without further ado, the pictures have a story to tell.

Thursday 6/14- Knowing that I had a busy weekend ahead of me and wouldn’t be home on my actual birthday, My grandma and dad did a birthday thing. Dinner consisted of steaks, potatos (mashed & baked), salad, and broccoli with cheese.

Thursday 6/14- A close up of the steaks. They were absolutely delicious.

Thursday 6/14- My plate
“Ew, what are you doing with that gravy?”
“Adding it to my potato. Eat your Bob Evan’s mashed potatoes and stop judging me.”

Thursday 6/14- The little red thing makes it onto every birthday cake.
“Look! Steffica, LOOK! I made 20 out of 15 candles. You have to get a picture of my art!”

Friday, 6/15- My actual birthday.
“This is kind of perfect and I wouldn’t trade anything for it.”
-Me about the ice cream date with Josh.
(Left: Coffee, heath froyo Right: Cherry dipped soft serve swirl)

Saturday 6/16- Shamelessly promoting both Ganache & Stonewall Kitchen
“You have to try this place, they have the best cupcakes!”
“Well alright then, let’s go.”
(Left: Tiramisu cupcake Right: Peanut butter cupcake)

Saturday 6/16- I’m just going to do a separate post for my visit to Carrabba’s. But that’s for tomorrow.
A plate of mezzaluna pasta. It was absolutely delicious.
“I don’t want to see food ever again.”

Monday 6/18- Finally a birthday dinner.
After waffling over Moe’s burritos and mum’s stuffed shells, we ended up with stuffed shells and garlic bread. It was absolutely delicious.

Though everything was low-key, it was still a good birthday. Now there’s only 360something days until I’m 21. That will be a blast, I’m sure.