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It’s been established, time and time again that I could never make a decent egg scramble before this past winter. I spent my mornings making scrambled eggs and omelets and I’m glad to say that I’m comfortable making them, even if they don’t come out “picture perfect.” 

With that said, I decided to try a few new takes on making eggs. With three eggs, I attempted sunny side up, eggs over easy, and a poached egg.

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Three eggs to sample three different egg dishes.

Mum has told me time and time again to butter the pan before putting any eggs in it.

I was going for Sunny Side Up.

Seeing as I’ve never had these type of eggs before, I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to look like that.

I figured a touch of whole wheat toast would be delicious…

It turns out, after I cut into the egg and toast with a fork and knife, that I don’t care for my egg bits to be separated or for my egg yolk to be runny.

Next, I attempted a fried egg. Again, I’d never made one myself, so I just jumped in both feet.

At least my yolk didn’t break.

I flipped the egg over without breaking the yolk, hard part over, right?

It doesn’t look inviting to eat, though, I had hoped the insides would be hard like that one time I had tried them at Josh’s dad’s house.

As soon as I broke into the egg, yellow-y orange insides began oozing out.

Unfortunately, the insides were more over easy/medium than hard.

Deciding that I didn’t care for my fried egg over easy/medium, I pitched it (I wasn’t going to feed that to my dog, even though when I showed it to my Mum she said she’d eat it with home fries and toast).

Finally, I set a pan on to boil for the egg I was going to poach.

This time, I didn’t want to risk it by cracking the egg over the pan of water. I cracked it into a mug like I would if I were making scrambled eggs.

Unfortunately, I did splash the egg into the water and the whites dispersed a bit.

Mind you, I’ve never made poached eggs before and thus don’t know how they’re supposed to come out. It was while I was hovering over the stove, camera in hand that I discovered that I was doing it wrong:

My sister was in the kitchen, looking for Poptarts to snack on and she paused, lingering by my elbow. “What is that?” She asked, brow furrowed, nose wrinkled.

Without looking up from my camera, I replied. “Poached eggs… or they should be. When the whites and yolk hit the water, most of the white dispersed into what you see here. They don’t look right.”

Mum, who had been in the living room on the laptop, spoke up nonchalantly, “You’re not doing it right anyway; poached eggs require vinegar and water, not just vinegar.” 

My brows knit together curiously. “So what am I making?” 

Mum, with a hint of amusement in her voice, “a mess, obviously.” 

If I learned anything, it’s that I don’t care for sunny side up eggs or eggs over easy/medium. I also learned that I need to go and look at how to make poached eggs before attempting it again. Next time, I want to make an eggs Benedict recipe that calls for avocado spread toast and bacon atop gooey eggs.

Until next time,

Stay Hungry!

Xx Steffanni