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The fireworks were last night. Rather than go to them with Josh, I opted to stay home. I’m rather happy that I did. I went upstairs to talk to Mum about something and out of the blue she asked me about a recipe that I had made earlier on. I gave her the list of ingredients and she mentioned a recipe that I’m rather fond of. She wanted to take my recipe and use an aspect from hers to create the ultimate appetizer. 

We set out to the grocer for a couple things, most of them not actually relevant to this post, but for filler: ham, chicken, deli cheese, wing sauce, croissants, ranch, etc. When we got home, I asked mum if I may take pictures of the process, for this obviously. She told me no, but I did snap some of the end products, maybe it will look familiar.

top left: the base for our bites; top right: one of the bites; bottom: a dozen bites fresh out of our toaster oven

All I have to say is they came out delicious. When mum tweaks the recipe, I’ll be allowed to post the full thing. But for now, all you need to know is that they are a variation on a recipe I’ve made before.