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I’m always in search for the perfect pie and have tried my fair share.

Recently, after an outing with family, we stoppped at Gio’s Pizzeria for dinner.

Gio’s Pizzeria
3 Turkey Hills Road, #3 E
East Granby, CT 06026

Gio’s Pizzeria was definitely the way to go after a long day of hiking up waterfalls and swimming in reservoirs last Thursday. I’ve had Gio’s a couple times previously and it never disappoints.

Even though we’ve had Gio’s before, this was my first time sitting in house. It was well into the dinner rush and this was evident when we sat down. It took a while for our server to come over and talk to us. When she did, she took our orders for drinks and rushed off. When she came back and we’d had time to discuss around the table what we wanted, we ordered 2 large pizzas, hot wings, and mozzarella sticks.

When they came, the mozzarella sticks were gone faster than I was able to grab a picture of them. But they were good, definitely made in house with a house marinara to serve with them.

The wings, we know from experience, are delicious. During Chili Fest in February, my sister (who doesn’t ate chili) ate a whole order by herself. After that, she didn’t want to see chicken wings and hadn’t touched them until we ordered them. As always, the wings are served with a side of the house hot sauce and either ranch or bleu cheese. Unfortunately, as with the mozarella sticks, they too were gone before I could get a picture.

I always have pepperoni pizza with a side of bleu cheese/ranch (depending what they have) for dipping my crust in.

Finally, the pizzas came out. The previous times that we’ve ordered from Gio’s, we’ve gotten cheese pizza and there was the time that Mum and I got their Mediterranean pizza. This is because I honestly prefer a Med. pizza to the regular pepperoni and cheese that we ate as kids. Anyway, pizza preference aside, the pizza was delicious. Some pizza places that supposedly “specialize” in thin crust pizzas burn the bottom and crust of the pizza. Gio’s crust was perfectly done. Slightly chewy, not doughy, but not overcooked. The cheese was bubbling and there wasn’t an over abundance of pepperoni to leave the pizza greasy (some pizza places have a habit of putting far too much pepperoni on the pizza and there’s a puddle of grease, completely unappetizing).

Essentially, Gio’s is the “perfect” pizza place if you like thin crust pizza. I can’t attest to the dinner entrées, but their pizza is good and the environment is great if you’re looking to go out with friends for a couple of drinks and a slice after work.