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Friday night dinner dates are the best. Especially if you’re a foodie. You can either go to the restaurant you and your sweetie have frequented a bunch (ours is Moe’s Southwest Grill. Burritoes are the best go-to), or you can try something new. It doesn’t really matter where you end up, so long as the food is delicious and you’re with good company.

We ended up at Hibachi Buffet. Josh and I have said “oh we’ll go there” what feels like a thousand times and we only just ended up there last week. Located at 14 Hazard Ave, right here in Enfield, it’s in the middle of the town and makes it convenient if you’re coming from a shopping trip, going to see a movie, or just going to grab lunch/dinner like Josh and I were.

Before heading to Hibachi Buffet, I had a curious fascination with trying sushi. I work with someone who loves it and talks about it whenever possible. There was one day that I riddled him with questions about it because I was curious. What should I get? Where should I get it from? Is there a certain etiquette to eating it? Very patiently, he answered my questions and dismissed my nose wrinkle at the thought of eating raw fish by assuring me that it would be fine.

Later on, I discovered that I have family who love going for sushi. They talk about getting it and how good it is. They too, dig food and cooking, so I figured hey, if they like it, perhaps I will too.

When Josh and I walked in and he set to getting a plate full of dumplings, chicken and other things, I loaded up a plate with a variety of rolls. Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea what any of these are called, let alone what was in them.

I’m not sure which is which here. But I tried each and every one and that’s all that matters.

I didn’t know which to try first, so I started with the rice and fish in the middle of the plate. Because I hadn’t seen any chopsticks and Josh wouldn’t let me use a fork, I picked it up with my fingers. After a moment of hesitation, whereupon I looked it over and reassured myself that it would taste great, I popped it in my mouth and began chewing. None of the “research” I had done on sushi in previous months could have prepared me for the taste and I’m pretty sure I made a face similar to this one:

From the 2001 film, Spirited Away.

It was slimy, cool, and immediately I wanted to spit it out, but didn’t. I kept chewing and swallowed. After I nearly finished my water while Josh looked on expectantly, he asked what I thought of it. Years of trying foods that I didn’t care for at my aunt’s house taught me the response I gave him:

It wasn’t my favourite. 

However, I didn’t give up there.

I picked up the roll with hints of pink and green and bit into it. There was no way I was going to pop the whole thing in my mouth. That would have ended horribly. Again, I chewed and swallowed. This time, when asked what I thought, I replied very simply: “I’m pretty sure I just ate essence of ocean.”

Quite frankly, that’s how I felt while I ate the last 3. By the time I finished them, I was looking to eat something that would rid my mouth of the taste. As much as I’d like to say that the taste was the only reason I didn’t like it, the texture played a part too.

Needless to say, sushi isn’t for me.

Looking to rid my mouth of the taste left over from the sushi, my next plate contained favourites that I’d order when getting takeout.

Left to Right: Egg roll, spring roll, dumplings, and a stir fry chicken

I started with the egg roll. I’ve had better egg rolls, but it was still good. As far as the spring roll goes, I always order spring rolls and always hate them. They taste good and then I remember (by means of eating) they have mushrooms in them and don’t eat any more. The dumplings were delicious, some of the best that I’ve had. Albeit, they were really greasy, but that’s because they’re fried and not steamed. The stir fry was good, however it tasted off to me. It tasted like they had cooked it in the same wok that they would cook fish in. But, I’ve encountered that before at other restaurants (and is why I stick with dumplings and wontons rather than anything substantial like chicken or beef).

My last plate was mixed.

Clockwise: Cold sesame noodles, general taos chicken and white rice, pepper steak onions and peppers, and Brazilian pork

I didn’t care for the noodles all that much and only put them on my plate because I thought they were warm, not cold. The general taos and rice was good. Again, I’ve had better, but what do you expect at a buffet? I didn’t care for the pepper steak at all, but that was because it, like the stir fry, tasted like it had been cooked in the same wok as fish. The Brazilian pork was good, but I doubt I’d get it again.

In between bites of things, Josh was feeding me pastries from his plate and I wish I’d done a plate of pastries rather than foods that I ended up not liking. I tried a donut circle that was covered in sugar. New favourite food? Yes. It was sweet and delicious. He also had me try a puff pastry with chocolate drizzled atop it. That was really good too (and oddly, I’ve never had puff pastry before, but I’ll make a point to have it again at some point).

Will we go back? Probably not. If you’re looking for a place to go with a group, I could recommend other places. But considering that Josh paid a little under $20 for the food we tried, you get what you pay for.

Until next time-

Xx Steffanni