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Welcome everyone back to my second installment of 10 minute meals. Today’s food: Chicken Quesadillas.  Now admittedly, this meal would usually take more than 10 minutes alone just to cook the chicken properly, but i’m going to show you how it can be done quickly without sacrificing. Will it be a culinary masterpiece? Absolutely not. Will it fill the hole of a nagging child? Yes it will!

I am lucky enough to have some kitchen appliances that help speed along any of my adventures into making things more complicated than Top Ramen. The two I chiefly use are my flat-top griddle and my Foreman Grill.  Both can be found for reasonable prices (~$20) if you shop around.

When I first proposed this meal, I had figured on picking up some fresh chicken from the store before starting, but then I realized that not everyone has the opportunity to go to the store to grab ingredients whenever. So I decided to make do with what I had at the house and used some frozen chicken I had.  This just meant I had to be a little more selective about the piece I chose to make it under the 10 minute mark for cooking.

Starting off, I laid the tortillas out on my griddle. I made sure the heat wasn’t too high, as I didn’t want them being the consistency of a Frisbee before the chicken was cooked.

This was followed by me selecting a very thin piece of still frozen chicken and letting the Foreman do its magic.

Now it was just a waiting game. I let the items sit for the next 7 minutes and enjoyed a little TV time with my 7 year old monster. When my timer went off, I got up and checked the chicken. It looked good, and smelled good, but was it fully cooked?

Sure looks like it to me, so I proceeded to slice it up into small chunks and disperse it into the tortillas with a little bit of cheese. Oops, what I didn’t tell you before is that during those 7 minutes of waiting, I spread some cheese on the tortillas so the chicken would have some melted goodness to stick to when it finished.

After evenly (yeah right) spreading the chicken around, I sprinkled some more cheese on them, topped them with another quesadilla, flipped them, and let them cook for another five (5) minutes.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering how 7 + 5 is somehow less than 10. Well yes, the total cook cook time is somewhere between 12-15 minutes, but in terms of actually doing something other than waiting, we’re looking at 6 to 8 minutes tops. The rest of the time was spent with a monster on my lap making little giggle noises.

When the cheese is sufficiently melted, feel free to pull them off and plate.

Will these win any awards? Not a chance. But they taste amazing, especially if paired with some sour cream and salsa. And all in under 10 minutes.

~Single Dad