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This weeks installment is brought to you by the plague that my monster decided to bring home from school.  I was inspired to cook this meal this past week when I was staying home sick from work. I was longing for the times when I was young and my grandmother pampered me when I wasn’t feeling well.  I remember having this meal as a child more times than I can count, and every time since then just gave me warm fuzzies all over.

I apologize for not having pictures for this post, but I honestly didn’t think to take any in my sickened state. But really, I don’t think I need any. Just close your eyes and imagine back when you were a child. The warmth of the tomato soup, made light and fluffy with a splash of milk… If I try, I can almost see the light color swirl patterns in the bowl from stirring it and the steam rising off of the top.  The tuna sandwich wasn’t just your ‘Plain Jane’ variety of tuna with mayo. No, this was done ‘grandmother’ style. It had swath of mustard mixed in to give it some zest. It had sweet pickles minced into dozens of tiny little chunks. My mouth is watering right now thinking about the crunch that would happen when the bite I was chewing found one of those little morsels.

Over the years I’ve fine tuned my sandwich. The latest iteration of it includes that aforementioned mayo, mustard, and sweet pickles, but has expanded to also include a slice of cheese. I then take the entire concoction and grill it up a la tuna melt style. This can easily be done while the soup is coming to a boil on the stove. The aromas that fill my apartment take me back to a time when my life was simpler and less stressful. It was just the perfect thing I needed to help me feel better when I was sick. Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to just then, as this could be used any time for any occasion. And all in under 10 minutes.

~Single Dad