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I stumbled through my front door at 1 am this morning. Josh and I had hung out later than we thought would happen and by the time he was going to drop me off at my house, it was already too late to grab something to nosh on from places like Taco Bell or Burger King. On the counter, there was a baking pan with little chocolate cookies, each filled with either Stonewall Kitchen’s Coffee Caramel or Peanut Butter Chocolate sauces. They were tempting, but I needed something of sustenance. I had eaten only the lightest of lunches several hours earlier and we didn’t think to do dinner. It honestly didn’t occur to us. So therein was the age old problem: what does one eat at one in the morning?

My stomach growled while I prowled through the kitchen.

What to eat? I asked myself this a couple times while I looked through the pantry and fridge. In the fridge, there was week old balsamic chicken… that would get thrown out and I didn’t want to dance with food poisoning. There were also American and Colby Jack cheeses in the meat locker in the fridge. We didn’t have any deli meats, so that was out of the question. But there was a small container with the last 1/4 pound of raw ground chuck, left overs from dinner on Thursday night. I disregarded it and looked to the pantry. There was nothing of excitement there: canned refried beans that didn’t look all that appetizing on the label; boxes of macaroni and cheese. Ugh, macaroni and cheese. There was oatmeal, something I had recently taken to eating often… yet I just didn’t want it. Finally, I looked back in the fridge.

We have ground chuck, Colby Jack Cheese that I could shred, and lettuce.

Anyone else smell a burger? I do.

I shredded about a 1/4 of cheese and mixed it into the ground chuck, being careful not to handle it too much. Finally I had a mass of hamburger and cheese, flattened into a palm sized patty. It was looking… cheesy. Because it was so late at night, I didn’t bother using the Forman we have. Instead, I grabbed the same pan I so often use to make eggs in, set it on the stove over medium heat and waited for it to warm. The trick with cooking hamburger, or anything else I’ve come to realise these days, is not to cook everything over high heat. Medium heat is beautiful. It gets the pan sufficiently warm so that the outside can brown but not overcook while cooking the inside. I put a lid on the burger and let it cook, not even paying it mind while I paced through the kitchen. The aroma was tantalising, but I waited until it looked as though it had cooked all the way through to start grab some lettuce from the fridge and a bun off the counter. I let it cool for a little bit while putting it on the bun, but the end result was pretty great.

Because I was smart and waited before tucking into the burger, I didn’t burn myself like when I bit into a similar, but so much more delicious burger (the jucy lucy). Oh no, this was a greasy, oozy mess. But I didn’t get burnt and guess what? It was delicious. I should have put onions in the pan when I was cooking it, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to go reeking up the house at one in the morning… even if it would have been perfect. At some point, I’ll get all of the exacts and give you guys a recipe for this. But until then, it was just the good burger.

Until next time,

Xx Steffanni