We all go through dry spells of kind.

Great writers get writers block.

Singers/Song writers get… the musical version of writers block.

Painters struggle to find a muse.

You get the idea. Unfortunately, I’ve hit a dry spell. 

No, it’s not because I can’t think of what to cook. That’s not possible because in addition to a couple of brilliant cook books, I have a couple years’ worth of cooking magazines that are each dog eared in some way, some with little sticky notes sticking out where there’s a recipe I’d like to try. So, I’m pretty set on recipes.

It’s because I’m still sick. As it turns out, and this sucks, I visited the doctor on New Years Eve, and found out I have mono. I won’t cook with it. Even with Josh, I won’t grab food for myself when we’re at his dad’s table even after washing my hands before dinner. I’ve heard from a friend that mono is super contagious. All it takes is a shared utensil, glass or swapping spit. You know how some couples will be like “here sweetie try a bite of this off my fork”? (Something I absolutely CAN’T STAND) Boom, I do that with Josh, or try a bite of his burrito and he can get mono. It sucks.

This sucks royally as a matter of fact because there are so many recipes I’d like to cook. I finally got around to making a foodie bucket list and it’s kind of extensive.

But I’ve digressed. This was the most unexciting week in my foodie life. I tried the new Taco Bell grillers. Those were good, especially because I’ve been craving a beefy crunch burrito forever now. Mum made stuffed shells, which I ate for breakfast yesterday morning, had for dinner when I took my meds last night, and ate again for breakfast this morning. There were ribs from my sister’s birthday that I ate late last week after eating them for a couple days (mum makes a lot of food when she cooks. That’s where I get it from). You get the idea. But it sucks because all these foods that I’ve eaten have replaced a meal that I would have otherwise made. I was poking around the pantry looking for something to try yesterday and I honestly just stood there trying putting ingredients together in my head. It was maddening, all of the combinations that I came up with, unfortunately each of them missing an ingredient otherwise I would have broken out the pots and pans and made something for myself.

However. life isn’t all gray and sucky. For Christmas, my Gabby sent me this amazing care package. Inside the box with her card were cookies, fudge and this piece of cake/bread that smelled delicious. I won’t lie, I’m never buying chocolate from the store again because of this girl. I’ve shared a bit of the fudge with my family and they all agree that it’s delicious. But in all honesty, my favourite thing she sent me was the cookies. I was sitting in bed reading and I broke open the cookies yesterday and my first thought was honestly that it was like eating mum’s cookies. Delicious. I still haven’t tried the cake/bread thing (I only keep using both because I’m not exactly sure what it is. It smells really good and is in the shape of a bread pan, but I still haven’t touched it. Mental, I am) but I’m definitely going to. If you’d like to check out her blog, by the way, she’s a linguist and I absolutely love reading about her baking adventures.

So, delicious baked goods aside, hopefully something more interesting pops up soon. I’m getting finicky and need to start my new year’s resolution of adventuring out of my cooking comfort zone. Seriously, I have enough recipes kicking around (between pages favourited on the internet and the dozen plus magazines) that I’ll be able to try something new every week, when I get there. Just have to get healthy, first.