An Introduction

Have you ever met a foodie?

I’m willing to bet that you have.

We’re chefs in the kitchens of the restaurants you go to eat at.

We’re the people who pose as average costumers at restaurants and get paid to eat there and write our thoughts on that restaurant.

We’re the people who love to cook- professional surroundings or not.

My mother is a foodie, that’s where I get it from. She cooks when she’s upset, mainly cookies. I do too. But I cook for any reason.

Can you blame me?

If you’ve ever heard the enticing sizzle of peppers and onions in the pan, smelled the sauteeing sausage, seen the beautiful translucency the aforementioned has taken on… and appreciated it, you would too.

If you’ve ever watched someone’s first bite into a savoury home made breakfast of quiche and a side of home fries and seen a look of happiness bloom over their face.. and appreciated it, you would want to cook too.

Maybe you still don’t understand how I feel about cooking? That’s fine. Most don’t, most never will. But when I’m waiting on you in the restaurant, cooking for you in the back… or perhaps at your house helping with dishes after helping come up with a delightful snack, maybe you’ll see the little bit of happiness that I see when I’m in the kitchen.

4 thoughts on “An Introduction”

  1. Bella,

    Oh, we need to talk! I am digging your blog so far. Your mindset regarding food is refreshing, to say the least.

    I came here from The Rantings of an Amateur Chef, and I’m interested in watching your culinary journey mature.

    Swing by my blog and check it out. I think you might like it. Cooking for me is- well…come to my blog and find out.

    • Hey, I just realized you are in the same State I live in!

      Great minds…

      • A Budding Chef said:

        I know you said that you went to Lincoln Culinary (a school that I had considered going to- it’s a long story about why that didn’t pan out), but I wasn’t sure if you from this state. Regardless that is pretty awesome.

  2. Someday you’ll need to share why you didn’t go to Lincoln. I am most curious!

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