Products I Love

Have you ever wondered what I cook with to get some of my favourite dishes so flavourful? Now you needn’t worry! This is an ever-growing list of things that I love to use when cooking.

  • Stonewall Kitchen Espresso Rub $7.50 – In the time that I owned the Espresso Rub and used it, none of my meats were ever bland or tasteless. Each time the outside of the meat was perfectly crusted and the inside perfectly tender and flavourful. I’ll definitely need to buy another jar of this stuff.
  • Stonewall Kitchen Louisiana Rub $7.50 – Since I’ve had it, I’ve only used the Louisiana Rub maybe three times. I keep forgetting that I have it, but each time I’ve used it, it’s been delicious. The first time I used it was while I was travelling and made chicken quesadillas. It was a bit of a last-minute thing, so I was only able to let the chicken sit for an hour in a mix of rub and oil before cooking it, but there was definitely a difference. It’s a must have if you love your food spicy. 
  • Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Oil $8.95 – I’m not sure when I first saw the oil, but when I did, I knew that it would be a must have. When I finally bought it, I wasn’t disappointed. It was potent, but that’s fine because that means less is more and it certainly worked great for sautéeing chicken and is the perfect substitute if I’m lacking garlic around the kitchen.
  • Stonewall Kitchen Cacciatore Simmering Sauce $8.95 – At the same time I was in Stonewall Kitchen picking up the Louisiana Rub, the Cacciatore Simmering Sauce caught my eye. I remember thinking to myself that it would be great to have on hand for those nights when I needed something quick to do and didn’t have much on hand. It’s like any other jar sauce except all you need is chicken. Set it and the chicken in the pan and let simmer for at least a half hour and then you’ve got a meal. I had it over angel hair pasta the night I made it and was super good. 
  • Kirkland Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Costco) 10.99– For a while there, I was ignorant to balsamic vinegar, snubbing it automatically because it was a type of dressing. And then one afternoon after work, my friend made this wonderful dish and the whole house had this aroma to it. Even down the hall you could smell the balsamic. I would go over to the pan just to inhale the wafting aroma of garlic, onions and tomatoes that mingled with the balsamic. It was delightful. After that, I went out and picked my own bottle of balsamic up. It’s gotten a couple uses since and I’m looking for more ways to incorporate it into my cooking. 

2 thoughts on “Products I Love”

  1. Wow. Do you only shop at Stonewall Kitchen?

    • No, I don’t. Those are the only product pics I’ve grabbed so far however so that’s how it looks, but a lot of my favourite stuff also comes from grocery stores too.

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