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I already have this feeling today is going to be an excellent day.

Last night before I went to bed, Mum and I had a short conversation. The usual, I was asking what her hours at work looked like for today, and then I asked if I could utilise the burrito sized tortillas she brought home when she went grocery shopping. She obliged and we continued talking for a few moments before I went back to my room and she went upstairs. This morning when I got up things were going splendid. The sun was shining outside, I got a lovely phone call that left me smiling, you get the idea. Heading upstairs with my laptop, I put on Pandora (as I find music is an excellent muse to work with when cooking, and the house was far too quiet save for my dogs’ snores emanating from the couch) and set to work.

First thing’s first: I pulled out the things I would need.

Salsa, Eggs, Chipotle Chicken Sausage, "Mexican Blend" Cheese, and tortillas

I started with the sausage. Instead of sautèeing it in a pan like I would with Risotto, I toasted it in our wicked handy toaster oven. As soon as I thought it had cooled, I set about cutting it up.

Even if it feels cool to the touch, one should still excercise caution in cutting this up. I managed to get hit by molten cheese and it didn't feel too good.

Setting the sausage aside on top of the flour tortilla, I set about working on the eggs. I wasn’t even concerned with making an omelet or even an omelet shape, I just wanted the eggs to be a whole (if that makes sense) so when biting into a burrito I wouldn’t risk eggs falling all over the place.

The one time I'm not even trying and it comes out mostly omelet looking-ish.

With the eggs cooked and laid perfectly on top of a flour tortilla already laden with cheese and sausage, I wrapped it up, burrito style, added a bit more cheese (you can’t go wrong with extra cheese) and popped the burrito into the toaster oven to get the cheese on the inside melty which would act like a glue and hold it all together. Five minutes later, I plated.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese burrito with a side of salsa.

The first bite was so amazing that I stopped and took a picture. By amazing, I mean whimsical. I was brought back to a time in my life where things were perfect: my childhood. As kids, my Mum would bring my Sister and I out to visit our cousins in Ohio. Those summer days were filled with waking up early and eating breakfast around the island in the kitchen. My uncle would make breakfast burritos, yet my sister and I wouldn’t touch them due in part to how incredibly picky we were. She’s still picky, but boy, what I wouldn’t give to have one of my uncle’s breakfast burritos. He would put sausage, eggs, cheese, refried beans, you name it, into the burritos and now that I’m older, it sounds delicious. The fact that this burrito brought me back to that, I guess I’m doing something right, right?

The Success Burrito, a little bit of whim in every bite.